Landscape Design and Install

We take your wants and ideas for your yard and we will create a design that will make those ideas come together and form your dream yard. From there we will install the design to your specifications. 


We set up a schedule to fit your needs. A mow service includes edging as needed and blowing of debris. 

Major (spring) Clean Up

This service includes: weeding of all mulch beds, edging, and mulching. A herbicide is spread in the beds to prolong weeds from growing. This can include any trimming and debris removal if needed.

We provide good quality mulch. We can install any type of mulch you prefer.

Property Maintenance
We service properties year- round that can include: monthly weeding, trimming/ pruning, mowing, liming, aerating, seeding, fertilizing, and much more.  Contracts are good for this type of service, but on- call services are available. Contracts vary based on the property's needs.

Fall Clean Up
We clean gutters and ponds. We can start up and shut down ponds in the appropriate seasons. We haul away leaves, weeds, dirt mounts, and other landscaping debris.


Trimming/ Pruning 
We professionally trim and shape various sized bushes and trees. We prune roses, hydrangeas, grasses, and other various perennials in the appropriate seasons that the pruning should be done.

Snow Removal

We serve our houses as first come first serve. We start setting up our list as early as November. Please contact us prior to the first snow fall.  

Lawn Installation
We will professionally install seed or sod. We ensure that the correct seed is being used for the environment its being spread (i.e. sun exposure, etc.).

We use a machine that makes plugs in the lawn for a better growing environment for grass seed.

We use fertilizer various times during the year. It can range from fertilizing plants to grass seed in the lawn.

We use premium seed that will fit various exposures since every property is unique and has different needs.

Drainage Solutions

We can install simple underground pipes, rock beds, as well as, create an elegant rain garden that will reduce water settlement in any area of your lawn while adding eye catching value to your home. 

Storm Repair

We come out and clean up all the debris fallen on the property as a result of a major storm. Have a tree fallen on your and/ or neighbor's property? We can work with you to get the troublesome tree removed.

*Residential, commercial, and HOA contracts available.