Stone Wall and Paver Patio

This entire project was just a grass hill that we converted into an entertaining space with plantings and erosion control.

Project in progress_ Hardscape

We work around any obstacles to create any design. This homeowner wanted to keep an existing tree for the natural shade over the patio.

Hardscape Patio

Turned an empty backyard into a usable entertaining space.

Pathway to Existing Wall

A pathway we installed that connected to an existing stone wall. We finished this pathway by installing sod along the edge.

Walkway Renovation

Took broken flagstones the homeowner had and installed them into ground as requested to form a natural looking walkway.

Before and After Flagstone Walkway

Large project that started out as an empty pebble driveway. We installed the stone edging, garden box, and the "L" walkway.

Hardscape with Fire pit

Flagstone patio with built- in fire pit.

Fire pit

Customized fire pit over a patio

Garden Box

Planter box was installed along the patio to grow vegetables.

Rock and Patio Garden

Picture of the original patio and the after re-design patio area with rock bed.

Design and Install

Perfect design for year-round color.

Re-design Process

Pond Installation

This was a pond we installed with Koi fish. The homeowner provided the statues. We also maintenance ponds as well.

after photo re-design

Removed all the grass and replaced with bushes, grasses, and perennials.

Storm Clean Up

We can clean up fallen trees. We work with the insurance companies and neighboring homeowners to take care of situations like this.

Storm Clean Up 3

We can leave pieces of fallen trees to be used as firewood.

Storm Clean Up 2

We remove and repair damage done to property structures.

Erosion Solution

Installed river rock under the deck to prevent further erosion.

drainage solution

We can run piping underground like this to send water away from the home.

Drainage Solution

We can work around any existing structures to install drainage piping.

after design install 2

Perennial and stone wall installation.

spring clean up

Weeding, edging, and mulch work. Installed annuals and plants in the pots for the summer.

detailed view of plant design and stone wall install

A collection of perennials used to form a colorful bed throughout the seasons.


Annual plant rotation from summer to fall.

Drainage Solution

We installed a stone edging and used pebbles to help with the drainage and erosion issue. We installed beautiful Helleborus to provide the bed with color.

Fall annuals

plant design for fall pot rotation.

Spring/ Summer Annuals

Solid tree bed design

Creating a solid bed around a collection of trees where grass won't grow.

Before and After Elevation

Before and after photos of elevating and trimming (shaping) of bushes.

Before and After Trimming

trimming and maintenance

Monthly maintenance and elevating is being done here.


Trimming and Elevating

Plant_Hardscape Design

This shows how we arrange the plants prior to the install to confirm design layout.

Fence Install

Country Fence with Wire Mesh

Sod Install

Sod Install

Sod installed around a rock bed. A garden bed was created for later plant install.

Sod Install

Before and After Powerwash

Deck Renovation Install and Sealing

We repaired the existing deck with new boards, powerwashed any remaining dirt and residue, and then, sealed the deck.


We can also seal masonry work.

Before and After Re-design

Before and After Clean Up

This is stage 1 of a re-design. This was the initial clean up.

Before and After Clean Up 2

This is stage 1 of a re-design. This was the initial clean up.

Before and After Clean Up 3

This is stage 1 of a re-design. This was the initial clean up.

Rototilling Services